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Grounding is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your well being. Just like standing barefoot outside, direct body contact with the ground  connects you with the planet’s energy grid, just as your body evolved for. Like every other animal, we’re designed for walking and sitting on the Earth itself, not shoes and furniture and flooring. As you’ll see there’s an accidental side-effect of our progress that subtly affects our well being in many ways: from how we sleep, how our immune & recovery systems work, even things like blood-flow. But it is just as easily put right

There is something special in this living energy link, because with grounding the help comes straight from the planet, making it as simple and natural of wellbeing as can be. See below for a brief slideshow on grounding





What grounding is, the invisible problem of modern life, the science in simple terms, how can grounding help you – and more