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sleep better with earthing sheetGROUNDED SLEEP

When you lay down on one of our grounding sheets you’re set up to sleep and unwind in a natural way. Experts believe that being earth-connected at night helps regulate the body’s stress and relaxation hormones, in keeping with the Earth’s own 24-hr rhythm.

Our grounding pillowcases are made from 100%, 200 thread-count cotton and are hand-made in the UK using the best quality, high-conductivity silver thread. And unlike some silver and carbon fibres, no nanotechnology is involved, making your grounding experience good for the Earth as it  is for you.



GROUNDING SHEETSearthing sheet for better sleep

This is a half-sheet that you can tuck in at the bottom of your bed over your normal sheet to ground your feet and bare legs, or use it as a loose single-sheet. Connect your sheet with a grounding-lead (sold separately). Size:  220 x 78cm. For more click here

Made in the UK

     Grounding Sheet:     £80.00